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Suzanne K, New York, NY, in-person Literacy Therapy

Starting in Kindergarten, my son was identified as a student who would benefit from speech and language services. Asher was assigned to Miss Ashley’s group, and we have been blown away by his progress under her tutelage. Asher began his Kindergarten year having much difficulty recognizing letters and matching them with the appropriate sounds. He was below grade level in his reading and did not enjoy reading. From the first weeks of school, Miss Ashley was creative in her approach to working with him. When one strategy wasn't "clicking", she investigated other programs and altered her strategy to fit his needs. Miss Ashley’s persistence in working with him and her willingness to change her plan of action based on his needs made a huge difference for my son. He learned to recognize letters and connect them to sounds, thanks to Miss Ashley’s "letter stories". Miss Ashley’s work with my son not only made a difference for him in letter recognition, but also helped him with spelling and writing. My son was fortunate to also benefit from Miss Ashley’s support and attention throughout first and part of second grade, when he “graduated” from speech services. I believe the work he did with Miss Ashley increased his confidence, helped him feel more comfortable contributing to classroom discussions, and allowed him to develop a love for and proficiency in reading. He moved up 14 reading levels during his two years working with Miss ashley, is now reading above grade level and loves reading!

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