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Dara R, New York, NY, in-person Language Therapy

Our son, Sebastian, is a different child after a year and a half of speech therapy with Ashley. His ability to express himself better and feel confident while doing so has been largely in part due to Ashley's amazing experience, patience and vast knowledge of how to work with a shy, speech- delayed child. Before Miss Ashley started working with Sebastian I had to explain to her that he is a very shy boy. Miss Ashley has not seen that shy boy since the first month they started working together. Sebastian loves working with Ashley and is so motivated to engage and frankly- work. She is the most authentic, experienced, encouraging person in a vast team of 'help' we have sought out for a special needs child. Miss Ashley has figured out his specific learning style and has taught to that style. She has worked on narratives and has taught him how to tell stories and write them. We are lucky to have had her tap into Sebastian's potential and brought out his voice so we can better understand what it is he has to say... Which all a child really wants! Thank you Ashley!

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