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Clara G. New York, NY, literacy therapy in person

My family had the pleasure to work with Ashley Small for two years; she was my daughter’s Speech Therapist at School. Miss. Small is a highly intelligent and motivated individual. Ashley has been a tremendous help for my daughter’s education in helping her with her language, reading, and writing. Miss Ashley researched and used appropriate methods to teach strategies to our daughter based on what our daughter needed. She always used the newest methods to help her recognize the letters of the alphabet and improve her memory which later helped her move up reading levels and write stories. My daughter moved up 6 reading levels in a year and a half with Miss Ashley. My daughter developed a great relationship with Miss. Ashley and enjoyed working with her. Lastly, Miss Small made sure to keep me abreast of her challenges and progress, and always answered my questions in an easily understandable manner. Miss Small has a remarkable personality and is a hugely valuable Speech Therapist.

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