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Tiffany Z, New York, NY, in-person Articulation Therapy

My daughter Siena was having difficulty speaking clearly in Kindergarten, enough so that her classmates and teacher sometimes had trouble understanding what she was saying. She specifically had a hard time articulating words with /r/ and /l/. This began to make her feel uncomfortable speaking in class and frustrated that she was being misunderstood.

Ashley began seeing her weekly to assess her and work on her articulation. She progressed very quickly under Ashley's consistent and nurturing care. As a parent, I was amazed at how often I was given progress updates and at how quickly Siena was able to learn to correctly form sounds, even the tough /r/ and /l/ blends, and then self-correct herself and integrate them into her everyday conversation.

She was discharged from speech after working weekly with Ashley, and I am pleased to say that she continues to speak clearly and is now easily understood by her peers and teachers.

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