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Martin, New York, NY, in-person Literacy & Articulation Therapy

My daughter R was struggling in her kindergarten class with her sounds, letters, reading, and writing. It was impacting her performance in the classroom and her confidence. Ashley began working with her twice a week for 2 months and we saw immediate progress. Ashley is dedicated to the children and families she works with. She makes it a priority to be in constant communication after each session to report on the progress and support and is always willing to attend any meeting with her school and teachers. R always looks forward to her sessions with Ashley. R recently expressed that she loves reading and would like me to purchase more books. That is truly all a parent can ask for. Her confidence has blossomed and she is approaching grade level in such a short period of time. She recently read 11 books in half of her 45 minute session with Ashley and felt so proud. We recommend Ashley whole hardly!

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