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Amanda N, New York, NY, in-person and virtual Articulation & Literacy Therapy

Ashley has been a wonderful help for my 5-year old daughter C. Prior to working with Ashley, many people had a difficult time understanding C. Even my husband often times needed me to tell him what she was saying. Ashley worked very patiently with my daughter, first having her work on the placement of her jaw and tongue when forming sounds, then incorporating that into words and now they use those skills to play fun games and have lengthy back and forth conversations. On a recent family vacation, many people commented how much older and more mature C seemed - and they attributed a lot of that to her much improved speech. I attribute it to an amazing, patient and attentive speech pathologist. Ashley also graciously offered remote maintenance sessions for my daughter while we were away and over the summer so she would maintain her skills and wean off of speech therapy two times a week for a half hour. We really enjoyed the remote learning and actually continued remotely- thanks Ashley!

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