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Amy D, New York, NY, in-person Articulation Therapy

Our 5 year-old daughter P worked with Ashley for 2 months and the change we have seen in her has been remarkable. Not only has P shown extensive progress in articulating her /r/ sounds, but she has also gained a new level of confidence. She went from not being able to produce any /r/ sound and in 6 weeks she was using it so nicely in conversation. She will remind me that we need to do "homework" for Ashley and asks nearly daily whether Ashley will be visiting. P now also notices and self-corrects /r/ words and then explains both the proper and improper way to enunciate them. The speech improvement is also affecting her literacy, as she can now better "sound out" words as she reads them. We wholly endorse Ashley: she makes learning fun for P and provides lots of positive reinforcement that keeps P motivated. P's teachers are also amazed by the rate of P's progress and said it was "the fastest /r/ progress they have ever encountered."

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