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Andrea D, New York, NY, in-person Language Therapy

Ashley has been working with our son since just before his third birthday. Within the first couple of sessions, we noted a significant improvement in both the quality and quantity of his speech. Not only is she knowledgeable in her field, but our son finds her a most engaging companion. In fact, he can’t wait to see her. This made speech therapy seem like playing a fun game with a friend for him. Ashley is trained in PROMPT, a technique that involves physically assisting a child in moving the mouth appropriately to make certain sounds. We find it to be highly effective. She also educates us in some key aspects of it so that we can apply her lessons and adjustments every day. She is an extremely valuable asset to our son’s educational program and is also both reliable and communicative. She keeps us abreast of our son’s progress and offers both constructive feedback and praise as appropriate. We feel fortunate to have found her.

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