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Wendy R, New York, NY, Virtual & in-person LSVT Therapy

Ashley came to work with my 83 year old father on his diminishing speech abilities and vocal projections with the LSVT LOUD program. My father was initially resistant to the idea, but within 2 minutes of arriving, Ashley’s warmth, humor, kindness, and big smile won him over. She engaged him immediately and got him excited about the process. He made instant progress (which was satisfying) and he began to look forward to every session. Ashley was sensitive to his challenges and creative about finding ways to engage him. She has always been flexible, punctual, thoughtful, and lovely to be around. As a result of her work, my father has found his voice again, has regained his confidence, and is joining conversations with enthusiasm. She continues to work with him on a maintenance program remotely to make sure that he sustains all of the progress he has made. Our whole family feels extremely fortunate to have found Ashley.

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