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Eli R, New York, NY, virtual & in-person Literacy Therapy

Our son was struggling in school in 4th grade. The teacher felt this his reading was the cause of everything which was causing him to struggle in all academic areas especially writing. We began working with Ashley using the Wilson program and our son was brought up to grade level in 6 months. If we would have known it would have been that easy and that quick we would have started so much soon. Our son even looked forward to doing the homework and would ask for me. Thankfully we found Ashley and our son is flourishing now with such an improved confidence. This work has been done in person and then virtually and he has made the same amount of progress and truly enjoys the virtual sessions. He even helps his friends who are struggling by teaching them the rules that he knows and is excited about. Please do not wait if your child is struggling with reading and work with Ashley ASAP!


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