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Ethan G. New York, Virtual Articulation Therapy

My 14 year old son was complaining to me about his lisp that it was bothering him and making him self-conscious. I immediately contacted Ashley as we used her for our daughter who had the same issue during COVID. Ashley recommended a week of intensive therapy, a session a day for 5 days as he was heading off to camp for the summer and we wanted to fix it before he left. She was able to fix the lisp right away. She really motivated him so it was so good for him. He was not bored because her sessions were just the right amount of time and he wanted to make a difference. I'm really thankful that she did this for us by squeezing him into her busy schedule and giving my son exactly the type of therapy he needed. It was a great idea to get in a session every day. I highly recommend her and will be coming back to her for my younger daughter as well.


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