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Jonny T, New York, NY, Virtual Literacy Therapy

My son was in Kindergarten and was at the bottom 1/3 of his class. He was struggling primarily with reading but it was affecting all academic areas. We began working with Ashley 5 times a week for 20 minutes and after 6 months he was reading at a first grade level and in the top 1/3 of his class. Ashley was able to tackle reading, writing, and speech concerns. She was very professional, fun, and communicated with his teachers all the time to keep the up to date with his progress. The teachers at my son's school said they have never seen a student improve as quickly as he did. It is all thanks to Ashley! My son loved working with Ashley remotely as she was able to keep the sessions fun, quick, and engaging. My son's confidence towards learning and reading improved, his behavior and levels of frustration improved as well. We are so thankful we worked with Ashley so intensely and now our concerns are gone as he enters first grade exactly where he needs to be. What a relief for a parent! Thanks Ashley!


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