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Michelle G, London, in-person Language Therapy

My child was really struggling in school. She would not do her homework alone or study for any tests. Her confidence was also really low. I heard Ashley present and realised she would be a great person to work with. Ashley immediately liased with the Senco and her teacher to figure out a plan. Ashley began working with our child twice a week for an hour each and we saw immediate progress. At first we were worried that it would be a lot for our child but she truly enjoys going to each session. She comes out of each session feeling so excited about what she has learned and Ashley has filled in all the gaps that were missing in her education to get her back on grade level. She now does her homework alone, gets 100's on tests, and is a changed child. Ashley has not only taught her so many skills but she has given her a new found confidence and love of learning. We loved Ashley so much we decided to have our other children work with her as well.


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