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Sandra H, New York, NY, Virtual Executive Functioning Therapy

My almost-10-year-old son was having problems breaking down multi-step instructions and figuring out how to tackle what's being asked of him. He would often panic before and during school. This was most pronounced in math when he did word problems, but it's was an issue in other subjects. Ashley came highly recommended from other moms and lived up to those praises. My son took such a liking to Ashley and opened up during the sessions about things i had never heard him struggle with or think. Not only did she help him improve his executive functioning she really boosted his confidence and taught him life long lessons. Ashley has a way of working with kids where they feel so understood and supported. She really uncovers the little things that are missing to help transform their lives. Within a week of working with Ashley he knew his strategies and started implementing them with his school work. His panicking decreased and he did his tasks independently. She even worked on his articulation which was something i did not really know he was struggling with. I truly cry during all of the sessions he works with her because i am so thankful we found her.


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