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Suzanne P, New York, NY, Virtual Literacy Therapy

Our 5 year old son is in kindergarten and he was having a hard time with his letters and sounds. The teacher told us he was performing at the bottom of the class and we were worried. He was having a lot of behavior problems in class and was very against any form of work. We got many recommendations to work with Ashley as she is excellent with literacy and highly engaging. Those recommendations exceeded our expectations. Ashley slowly eased our son into the "work/games." Within the first week no outside motivations were needed anymore. He loves his 20 minute sessions with Ashley each day and never complains once. Within 2 weeks of working with Ashley our son knew all of his letters and sounds and even started spelling 3 letter words. His excitement for reading and writing increased and so did his confidence. Not to mention all of this was done virtually which i was very nervous about. Our son loves all of the ways he can practice his reading and writing on the computer and he seems more engaged than ever. She is flexible, understanding, easy to work with and really know how to work with kids in a positive way. Two months later he is now reading and writing at the top of his class. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ASAP! DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER!


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