February 24, 2020

We initially approached Ashley to work with our our 6 year old daughter on her /r/ sounds. At our first session, she identified that her /s/ and /z/ sounds also needed some support and developed a thoughtful, progressive program to address all 3. She makes the "work" feel like "play" for our daughter, which has helped her progress well. She is really good at explaining her methodology to me and to adapting it in given situations so that I'm able to support her when we're not in sessions.  In addition, when we struggled to get our daughter to do her twice daily homework between sessions, Ashley was very supportive and gave us great suggestions for how to "gamify" the homework. We feel lucky to have found her and have recommended her to close friends.

February 8, 2020

Ashley came to work with my 83 year old father on his diminishing speech abilities and vocal projections with the LSVT LOUD program. My father was initially resistant to the idea, but within 2 minutes of arriving, Ashley’s warmth, humor, kindness, and big smile won him over. She engaged him immediately and got him excited about the process. He made instant progress (which was satisfying) and he began to look forward to every session. Ashley was sensitive to his challenges and creative about finding ways to engage him. She has always been flexible, punctual, thoughtful, and lovely to be around. As a result of her work, my father has found his voice again, has regained his confidence, and is joining conversations with enthusiasm.  She continues to work with him on a maintenance program to make sure that he sustains all of the progress he has made. Our whole family feels extremely fortunate to have found Ashley.

January 18, 2020

Ashley has been working with our son since just before his third birthday. Within the first couple of sessions, we noted a significant improvement in both the quality and quantity of his speech. Not only is she knowledgeable in her field, but our son finds her a most engaging companion. In fact, he can’t wait to see her. This made speech therapy seem like playing a fun game with a friend for him. Ashley is trained in PROMPT, a technique that involves physically assisting a child in moving the mouth appropriately to make certain sounds. We find it to be highly effective. She also educates us in some key aspects of it so that we can apply her lessons and adjustments every day. She is an extremely valuable asset to our son’s educational program and is also both reliable and communicative. She keeps us abreast of our son’s progress and offers both constructive feedback and praise as appropriate. We feel fortunate to have found her.

December 16, 2019

My five year old son Jonah worked with Ashley during the fall of 2019 to fix an interdental lisp and we could not be more delighted with Ashley's work. She is deeply knowledgeable and developed targeted exercises for Jonah that quickly improved his speech. In fact, Jonah's speech problems were nearly entirely cured in about three months, which is less than the amount of time she initially told me would be required, Perhaps best of all, Ashley is personable and highly engaging; Jonah looked forward to seeing her every week and although he's very proud of his progress, I know he'll miss seeing Ashley. 

November 18, 2019

My 7 year old daughter worked with Ashley on /s/ and /z/ sounds.  She taught the formation of sounds in a way my daughter and I could understand and practice together and  identified medical issues, that I was not aware of that we could address to help improve her speech. Ashley has a talent for engaging and connecting with children while maintaining an authoritative presence that helped my daughter stay focused during their sessions. In 2 months we saw tremendous improvements and my daughter was basically done with speech but we continued for a bit more just to make sure she would not regress. I highly recommend Ashley.

November 13, 2019

Our 5 year-old daughter P worked with Ashley for 2 months and the change we have seen in her has been remarkable.  Not only has P shown extensive progress in articulating her /r/ sounds, but she has also gained a new level of confidence.  She went from not being able to produce any /r/ sound and in 6 weeks she was using it so nicely in conversation. She will remind me that we need to do "homework" for Ashley and asks nearly daily whether Ashley will be visiting.  P now also notices and self-corrects /r/ words and then explains both the proper and improper way to enunciate them.  The speech improvement is also affecting her literacy, as she can now better "sound out" words as she reads them. We wholly endorse Ashley: she makes learning fun for P and provides lots of positive reinforcement that keeps P motivated. P's teachers are also amazed by the rate of P's progress and said it was "the fastest /r/ progress they have ever encountered." 

July 31, 2019

Ashley has been a wonderful help for my 5-year old daughter C. Prior to working with Ashley, many people had a difficult time understanding C. Even my husband often times needed me to tell him what she was saying. Ashley worked very patiently with my daughter, first having her work on the placement of her jaw and tongue when forming sounds, then incorporating that into words  and now they use those skills to play fun games and have lengthy back and forth conversations. On a recent family vacation, many people commented how much older and more mature C seemed - and they attributed a lot of that to her much improved speech. I attribute it to an amazing, patient and attentive speech pathologist. Ashley also graciously offered skype maintenance sessions for my daughter while we were away and over the summer so she would maintain her skills and wean off of speech therapy two times a week for a half hour - thanks Ashley!

October 26, 2018

My daughter R was struggling in her kindergarten class with  her sounds, letters, reading, and writing. It was impacting her performance in the classroom and her confidence. Ashley began working with her twice a week for 2 months and we saw immediate progress. Ashley is dedicated to the children and families she works with. She makes it a priority to be in constant communication after each session to report on the progress and support and is always willing to attend any meeting with her school and teachers. R always looks forward to her sessions with Ashley. R recently expressed that she loves reading and would like me to purchase more books. That is truly all a parent can ask for. Her confidence has blossomed and she is approaching grade level in such a short period of time. She recently read 11 books in half of her 45 minute session with Ashley and felt so proud. We recommend Ashley whole hardly! 

October 26, 2018

Ashley has worked with my daughter RN for only a few months and everyone has seen such a dramatic change. She came highly recommended to me by my child’s neuropsychologist and she has helped tremendously. RN is a different child after working with Ashley. She’s become enthusiastic about learning and reading, and has mastered her skills with so much fluency and confidence. Not only is Ashley a spectacular speech therapist but she is kind and loving. My daughter gravitates toward her warm and kind nature. She arrives ready to work and is full of positive energy. We are so happy to have Ashley come into our lives.

October 3, 2018

My son had a wonderful experience working with Ashley. She was always encouraging him to do his best and was able to keep the sessions fun, engaging, and interesting (which is no easy task for a 6 year old). Ashley was always very communicative with us and set realistic goals for our son which he was able to accomplish in a timely manner. I would recommend Ashley wholeheartedly. My son was able to correct his articulation difficulties producing th, r, l, and s in one year! What a relief for a parent!

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