September 30, 2018

Ashley worked with my 7 year old son after several other speech therapists had already worked with him. She figured out a way to cut to the chase, and explain how to perfect his "s" and "z" sounds so that they were clear and no longer slushy. She broke things down into simple steps. She is extremely psychologically aware that kids may be frustrated after working on speech for a while, and is fantastic at figuring out a way to be effective and make the sessions fun at the same time. Ashley was able to accomplish in just a few months what no other therapist could. We love Ashley and would highly recommend her! 

July 10, 2017

My 5-year-old son worked with Ashley to correct his "r's" and "th's" this year. Not only is Ashley fun and engaging (he always looked forward to their sessions!), but she is a consummate professional- passionate about what she does and always willing to go the extra mile. Most importantly, she delivered impeccable results and equipped my son with the tools to maintain his new skills moving forward. We were so impressed by how quickly she corrected his speech. Thank you, Ashley!

June 7, 2017

Ashley is a rock star! I can't give enough praise for her effective and loving technique when teaching our 9 year old. Simone had been working with other Speech Therapists but no one was able to give her the skill set to help with her articulation difficulties. Thankfully we found Ashley! We all look forward to Ashley's time spent in our home. In addition to helping Simone with her speech, Ashley worked with our five year old son on literacy and he was reading three weeks later. He was in pre k and a couple of months into her sessions he was reading on a second grade level. He has found a true love for reading thanks to Ashley. Overall we highly recommend Ashley!

July 11, 2016

We had a great experience working with Ashley. My 9 year old daughter was struggling with enunciation of certain sounds. Ashley is so knowledgeable, patient, has great technique and teaching skills and makes the sessions fun and entertaining. She taught Lucy crucial skills in a very short amount of time and the progress Lucy made was astonishing. Lucy was looking forward to her sessions with Ashley every week. We wholeheartedly recommend Ashley to anyone who needs support with speech!

March 11, 2016

My daughter Siena was having difficulty speaking clearly in Kindergarten, enough so that her classmates and teacher sometimes had trouble understanding what she was saying. She specifically had a hard time articulating words with /r/ and /l/. This began to make her feel uncomfortable speaking in class and frustrated that she was being misunderstood. 


Ashley began seeing her weekly to assess her and work on her articulation. She progressed very quickly under Ashley's consistent and nurturing care. As a parent, I was amazed at how often I was given progress updates and at how quickly Siena was able to learn to correctly form sounds, even the tough /r/ and /l/ blends, and then self-correct herself and integrate them into her everyday conversation. 


She was discharged from speech after working weekly with Ashley, and I am pleased to say that she continues to speak clearly and is now easily understood by her peers and teachers. 

March 8, 2016

Our 8 year old daughter, who presents with Autism, began working with Ashley more than two years ago. Ashley has a pragmatic, results-oriented focus whose impact we have seen since she started working with our daughter. Our daughter struggles with pragmatic skills, narrative skills, and higher level thinking skills. Ashley's use of the BRAIDY the StoryBraid method of retelling stories has not only improved our daughter's conversational skills but also her reading level due to the higher level thinking component. The exercises Ashley has taught including whole body listening have also been extremely helpful in improving our daughter's interactions with her peers and her overall attention in class.

March 4, 2016

My family had the pleasure to work with Ashley Small for two years; she was my daughter’s Speech Therapist at School. Miss. Small is a highly intelligent and motivated individual. Ashley has been a tremendous help for my daughter’s education in helping her with her language, reading, and writing. Miss Ashley researched and used appropriate methods to teach strategies to our daughter based on what our daughter needed. She always used the newest methods to help her recognize the letters of the alphabet and improve her memory which later helped her move up reading levels and write stories.  My daughter moved up 6 reading levels in a year and a half with Miss Ashley. My daughter developed a great relationship with Miss. Ashley and enjoyed working with her. Lastly, Miss Small made sure to keep me abreast of her challenges and progress, and always answered my questions in an easily understandable manner.   Miss Small has a remarkable personality and is a hugely valuable Speech Therapist....

March 2, 2016

My eight year old daughter worked with Ashley on her speech issues that were beginning to embarrass her, specifically her difficulty producing her /r/ sound.  At times she explained that she would not raise her hand in class when the answer included an /r/ sound, especicially with math and the number four. Ashley was incredible. She explained to my daughter exactly how to make the sounds and broke things down into very do-able exercises.   Most importantly, Ashley was wonderful about keeping my daughter motivated to practice and made her feel proud of her progress.  I appreciated that Ashley allowed me to sit in and observe all sessions, which really helped me do the homework with my daughter.   The end result was amazing and the process was much quicker than I expected! My daughter acts and sings confidently in her school and camp productions and  I cannot thank Ashley enough!

October 7, 2015

Our son, Sebastian, is a different child after a year and a half of speech therapy with Ashley.  His ability to express himself better and feel confident while doing so has been largely in part due to Ashley's amazing experience, patience and vast knowledge of how to work with a shy, speech- delayed child. Before Miss Ashley started working with Sebastian I had to explain to her that he is a very shy boy. Miss Ashley has not seen that shy boy since the first month they started working together. Sebastian loves working with Ashley and is so motivated to engage and frankly- work. She is the most authentic, experienced, encouraging person in a vast team of 'help' we have sought out for a special needs child. Miss Ashley has figured out his specific learning style and has taught to that style. She has worked on narratives and has taught him how to tell stories and write them. We are lucky to have had her tap into Sebastian's potential and brought out his voice so we can better understand w...

October 6, 2015

Starting in Kindergarten, my son was identified as a student who would benefit from speech and language services. Asher was assigned to Miss Ashley’s group, and we have been blown away by his progress under her tutelage. Asher began his Kindergarten year having much difficulty recognizing letters and matching them with the appropriate sounds. He was below grade level in his reading and did not enjoy reading. From the first weeks of school, Miss Ashley was creative in her approach to working with him. When one strategy wasn't "clicking", she investigated other programs and altered her strategy to fit his needs. Miss Ashley’s persistence in working with him and her willingness to change her plan of action based on his needs made a huge difference for my son. He learned to recognize letters and connect them to sounds, thanks to Miss Ashley’s "letter stories". Miss Ashley’s work with my son not only made a difference for him in letter recognition, but also helped him with spelling and writ...

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